The Final BUT Not The End

Assalamualaikum. Hello peeps :) How's your day? Its heavily raining here. #Keep praying that it will not flood :)

Btw, today is the last day of 2012. Another year to be add.
So, this post will be the last post of 2012 not the last post of my blog. With God-willing, I will keep writing and sharing every moment of my life with you :) Thanks readers.

31 December 2012. Actually, today is the beginning of my final exam. The first final exam in my degree's life. I noticed that, I didn't update a lot about my degree life. Sorry, I always wanted to share but the time didn't gave me any opportunity. So, when the holiday started even for 3 weeks I will share every moment that happened during this first semester. About the paper today, Islamic Worldview. Alhamdulillah, I can answered it, but answered it well, maybe not. But I'm satisfied with my effort and I didn't regret any. Now, keep praying that the result will be awesome (Y) Hahahaha

Its lunch hour now, but I'm not eating. Just after the exam, I came back straight to my room. I had a tummy upset. Lately, I'm having a fever, and sometimes its getting better but suddenly my body temperature started to rise again. Homaiiiii  :D But, now I'm getting used to it. Maybe because of the weather in Kuantan now. Sometimes its hot, sometimes its rain. Like Malay's idiom " Ku sangka panas sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari". Hahahahaha, So my body was trying to adapt with that. And it didn't disturb my study much. I just need more rest than before. Alhamdulillah, may Allah ease my ways :)

So, my next papers will be on next year. Hahahaha, sound a little longer but the fact is, it just tomorrow. Welcome 2013, and Goodbye 2012.

To 2012, thanks for creating so many cherish and wonderful moments in my life. May 2013 become more cherish and wonderful year for me and my loves one. So, 2013, please be nice to me :D

That's all for my last post of the year. Hahahaha, Nak baca Anatomy la pulak :D Do pray for my health and my final exams. Hope I pass with flying colours :D

My Final Exam's Slip :D 

My 2013 Bucket's List 
May This Smile Stay Forever :D


Hello peeps :)
Sorry for not updating this blog for long time :)
There is a lot of stories to be tell but, I'm running out of time.
My promise, during this mid semester break, I'll let you know.

I'm here as a first batch of physiotherapy in IIUM. And of course there is a lot of challenges that I will be facing. FYI, the mid semester exam has begun. The first paper was a disaster for me. The same feeling as I sat for my mid-sem exam Biology 2. End up, crying right after the paper. I'm promise that I will not take for granted after what happened, but still I'm done it. I will not procrastinate this semester and I really hope that I'll keep this promise.

At the same time, my brother is having his problem. He called me on Sunday and told me everything. I was shocked and I don't know what to say. I'm too young to give him advise but he depends on me. For me, whatever decision he made, I'll always support him. I'm his sister and forever he is my only brother. This weekend gonna be fun with him and my boyfriend will be together but at the same time, we are afraid about what will happen this weekend. I really can't tell you the problem right now. But when I'm ready to tell everything, I'll let you guys know.

I'm looking forward for this holiday. With my family, with him and my lovely Amni Qashrina. : )
And I learned something..
" Don't let your love one be so patient to you, because one day he might become so mean to you. Try to change especially for the good sake. Not only for him, for yourself and your relationship. Let he has his own life till the moment you are really belong to him. If you love him, make him happy. 


I never asked about a really mature and serious relationship. 
I never complaint about you being immature. 
I enjoyed every single moment that we spend together. 
I'm being so thankful to have you, the one who take a good care of me. 
I never asked you to change in one night. I know, everything needs time.
So, can I asked for a little bit of time for me to change. 
You don't have to worry about me. 
I knew where I stand. I'm happy to be like this. 
But I know, I have to change. Don't force me but please be with me. 

I know, I'm asking too much. But, 
Can you promise me that you will be there when I really need you?
Cause I want to have someone by my side to say to me that everything gonna be fine. 
And I know, you gonna make it through. 
And holding my hand tightly. Because I know, one day I gonna need that. 

I might look stronger at the outside, but inside, I'm so fragile. I need someone who can support and be with me, because I'm facing everything alone. You knew it right, You knew, how my life changed as I decided to walk in my own way. You knew it much. 

I didn't need someone else. I never asked for a better one. Cause I knew, I'm not perfect. I'm happy to have you. And hoping to spend the rest of my life with you. Yes, just you. 

Damya :)

After A Long Time :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps. My last entry was on July and today is already September. Sorry guys.
However, there are a lots to share, a lots to be tell and a lots to be read later :)

On 4 September 2012, I'm officially an IIUM's student. Alhamdulillah. I'll be pursue my study in Bachelor of Physiotherapy :) and the most interesting part is my boyfriend also being offered the same course with me. Therefore, I have to bare in my mind, that I'll be facing him for the next four years. Oh God. Heheheh, just kiddng. It's nice to have someone who love you, right in front of you most of the time. And you know, there will be someone who is going to take care of you there :)

Hey, there is a picture of me during the Ta'aruf Week. (means Orientation Week) So after 3 hectic days, the Ta'aruf Week ends.

Before me, entering the IIUM, my brother made a huge step in his life.  I would like to announced that, my brother and his lovely girlfriend, officially engaged on 1 September 2012. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony was going well. However, I didn't managed to get a picture from my brother as it is a closed and family event only. Sorry guys. But later if I get the pictures, I'm sure I'll be uploading it.

So, there is my short entry for today. And Insya Allah later, I'll be updating my blog with more stories. Keep waiting :)

Mama, I Love You

Dear Mama,

Today, I'm not feeling well. As my condition getting worst sometimes, Mama always there to give me some strength. Sometimes, I preferred not to tell Mama about my condition. I don't want Mama to become worries about me. But, every mom knows their children well right ?

I love chicken soup so much. And today, Mama cooked it for me as she's worried that I might lost my appetite. And I love eat it in a big bowl with a round spoon (at home, we called it sudu bulat ^_^ )
Mama prepared me the meal with white rice which is a little bit soft than normal white rice. 

Even though, I don't have any appetite to finish my meal, but seeing my mom's effort preparing it make me feel so touch. Thanks Mama. 

there's no one in this world that can take your place
I'm sorry for ever taking you for granted,  
I will use every chance I get
to make you smile, whenever I'm around you
now I will try to love you like you love me
only God knows how much you mean to me

Your daughter, 
Najwa <3


I Wanna Keep Smiling

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)

My last post was the shortest one. and I'm so sorry for not updating this blog as frequent as I can. Sorry dear. 

Actually, I have so many stories to be tell. But I don't know how to start yet to end. Alhamdulillah, my final result was the highest compared with my other 3 results. I think it was a gift after many sad things happened to me. InsyaAllah, I'll be telling you soon. 

I wanna keep smiling. I wrote this because lately I feel something wrong with me. Something that I never expect to happen again. During my junior year in CFS, I'd suffered many pains and aches which actually changed my life and affects my study. But I never blamed it and take it as the main reason why I can't score during my junior year. 

The heart wasn't doing well. I kept experienced palpitation especially at night. It happened every night for almost a year. On top of that, migraine became my best friend. I've also suspected of having leukemia. But I never told my parents about this till now. I don't want to make them worry so I keep it by myself. I went to the clinic by myself. Taking my blood result alone and all this thing help me grow. I've become independent. :)

Alhamdulillah, I'm getting better after a year of suffering. How? I don't know. Maybe after I've changed everything in my life. I've get rid the negative thinking, I changed my diet (because during the interval, I think for the first 3 months, I lost weight about 5kg) and my lifestyle. 

Now, the palpitation have come back and I don't know why. My digestive system also showed some changes which I don't even understand why. Seek for a doctor ? Not now, because my dad wasn't very well now. So I'm just hope for the best and ready for the worst. Let my family and I taking care of my dad first and about me, pray for the best. 

p/s : My heart beating fast and the stomach doesn't be good to me. Pray for health peeps. I love you guys so much.

with lots of love,
Najwa :)

Here Comes The Ending :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)
Again, my apology for not updating my blog for quite some times. Sorry :D

Okay, back to the topic, Here Comes The Ending :)
Its has been two years I spent my life here in CFS IIUM. and by the time I'm writing this post, just two weeks left before I'm officially done with this foundation. I'm gonna have an examination this Wednesday follow by another two examinations on the other week. Pray for me, peeps :D

This semester is quite challenging for me, but it's not the toughest as I faced in Semester II, in my junior year. Learning how to prepare a research paper was really interesting and seriously I learned a lot this semester. Having female lecturers for the three subjects really made me feels like a home. Yes, we are far from our home, but with them, we feel like home to us. They share their love with us and they are so motherly.
*I miss my mummy, rite now :(
Thanks for being the best lecturers I ever had. Thanks for the knowledge you delivered to me and thanks for guiding me to become a better muslimah. Dear, Madam Zahala, Madam Sa'yah and Madam Nawal, I love three of you so much. :D Glad to be your student.

To my dearest classmates, this is my first time separating with my gang *I have a gang here, who cares? hahaha. But thanks for being such a great classmates, being there whenever I needed, and sorry for being loud!! You know how loud I am rite? Thanks for making this final semester the meaningful one. I love you guys so much. To Jamilah and Assyila, I'm so sorry because I like hitting both of you. Soorryyy :) Same goes to the rest of my classmates, I'm sorry if I had done something that may hurt your feeling. I'm not perfect but I'm tried to be perfect. :D Good Luck Guys for your final and all the best for whatever you do in your life. I'll always pray for all of you. InsyaAllah :)

Enjoy some pics peeps :) *click to enlarge

5 Things :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)

5 things about your love that you, as a girl should know. I got this info from my friend and I would like to share it with you. Enjoy :)

1. Man didn't like to be challenge and they have ego. Remember that! So, if you had challenge him about finding someone else, believe me, he will do it, one day.

2. Man didn't like to be accused. If you argued about him and accusing him that he has someone else while he keep mentioning that he don't do that, PLEASE believe his word. He really meant it.

3. Man is really in love with you, when he didn't mind if you wanna have a look at his phone, checking all the SMS and calls, because he is honestly love you and he didn't have someone else at the back. :)

4. Man actually care and get jealous when he knew that you're close with some other guys. Believe me, even he pretends like, "It's okay, I don't mind." but actually deep inside his heart it sounds like this "Dear, you're making me jealous".

5. Man didn't like his girl hangs out with her boyfriends. Why? Because, girls, they just be herself in front of their friends and.....
Guess what??? Maybe there is someone who gonna fall in love with you because of that. And he didn't want this to be happen. so be careful girl :)

I could only listed out up to five. More?.... InsyaAllah...
Till then... Annyeong :)

with lot of love,
Damya :)

The End Of Mid Semester Exam

Assalamualaikum. hello peeps :)
How's your day and what is your mood today? anyway, i hope that, all of you are in the pink of health. :)

It is 16 of March today, and last two weeks is my mid semester exam and Alhamdulillah, its all done. I take three subjects this semester and one of them is my subjects for degree which are Biology II, Mathematics II and EAW (English for Academic Writing). I've already got my results for Maths and EAW. I'm quite disappointed with my Math's result as I have made such a lot of silly mistakes that cause me to lose about 7 marks. :( Imagine that, and I'd cried after getting that paper, silly me.

However, for the EAW, seriously, I didn't put so much hope on that paper, as I knew I didn't perform well for it. But yesterday, when my lecturer gave me the paper, she said, "Hazwani, good" and I was shocked seeing that 17 out of 20 is written there. Dear Allah, thank you so much :). I got full marks for the Section A and I did some mistakes in the Section b which reduced my marks by 3. But overall, I'm totally satisfied. At the same time, we are required to show her the progressing of our assignment. I got a partner doing this "little thesis" (that what we used to call it) and we are doing on dry skin. and another good news from Madam Nawal when she said, "Good, both of you are in the right track". Its such a relieve and feel like all the burden have go away ~~~~ :)
Now, I just need to focus on the methodology and the discussion.

Biology ?? I still didn't get the paper from my lecturer. but she promise that, we can have it by Monday. Feeling excited ? totally not, instead I feel like getting my final exam result right now, seriously!! Totally nervous and frighten :( but whatever the result is, I accept it with all my heart, because I knew that, I didn't done it well, I take it for granted and I shouldn't regret it because what I got later is showing my effort towards it and Allah never give us more that what we have done.

Now, I will be focusing on my final and settle out everything especially the assignments (both Bio and EAW) and do pray for me peeps. At this moment actually, I'm waiting for my bee :) come back from his training and hoping for a good news from him. Hopefully he manages to get it, but if not, its totally fine dear. What is it about ? wait for the next entry ... So, TTFN

with lots of love,
Damya <3

Hijab :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)
How's your day ?

Hijab? What should we say about hijab ?
I'm not a good muslimah but I'm trying to be.

I was told to wear hijab since I was 10 years old. Tapi, I keep asking, kenapa kena pakai? What are the real purpose of wearing it? and no one answer it for me.

So, bila dan meningkat dewasa, biasalah memberontak. Wanie decided tak nak berhijab sebab Wani tak nampak pun apa tujuan dia. Bila parents suruh Wanie pakai tudung, Wanie macam malas sangat nak sarung that thing kat kepala ni. Wanie mengaku, Wanie tak istiqamah dalam berhijab sampai Wanie Form 5. Wanie pakai, tapi ikut mood. Kalau rasa nak pakai, Wanie pakailah.

And waktu zaman sekolah dulu, Wani selalu kena marah dengan kawan-kawan sebab tak berhijab. But when I asked, why should I wear it ? Still no one answer it. Then, waktu form 4, Wani pindah sekolah. And the best thing is sekolah tu agak Islamic so bad new untuk Wanie. hahaha, that time ok. And I'm so tensed there as there are so many things that I can't do. For me, to adapt with that kind of situation, seriously it needs time.

But people changed rite? and as time pass by, I've changed too :) Alhamdulillah
Eventhough I have made a lot of mistakes, I really thanks to Allah as He gave me time to repent. He loves me. So, masa Wani form 5, Wanie decide nak fully berhijab and tak buka dah. And Alhamdulillah, Wanie berjaya. and Wanie rasa terharu sangat when I told my parents that I want to wear hijab. Waktu tu, Wanie nampak Mummy and Babah senyum. Wanie rasa bahagia sangat. Finally, Wanie dapat hidayah dari Allah untuk berhijab. 

Wanie mengaku Wanie masih lagi baru dalam berhijab ni and Wanie harap sangat Allah tak tarik balik hidayah ni dari Wanie. Sebab pernah Wanie teringin kembali untuk free hair (Ya Allah, jauhkan perasaan ini dari dirku) So, Wanie takut sangat, sebab Wanie tahu walau sebaik mana pun perempuan itu tapi kalau dia tak bertudung @ menutup aurat, dia tetap perempuan yang jahat. and kalau perempuan yang bertudung itu @ menutup aurat, tapi dia tak berapa nak baik, dia tetap baik. sebab at least dia tahu yang dia wajib menutup aurat and dia dah laksanakan tuntutan tu.

And, Wanie berubah sebab Wanie dengar dari seorang Ustaz
" bila seorang anak melangkah setapak keluar dari rumah tanpa menutup auratnya, maka dia telah menghantar kedua ibu bapanya setapak ke neraka "
Ya Allah, sanggup ke seorang anak nak hantar parents dia ke neraka sedangkan budi dan jasa parents kita, kita tak mampu nak balas kan ?

Walaupun Wanie tahu yang Wanie belum menutup aurat secara sempurna, I hope I can improve it day by day. And, Wanie bersyukur sangat ditemukan dengan ramai orang yang membantu Wanie. *sayang korang semua <3.

with lot of love, 
Najwa <3

He's A Muslim Now. Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum. Hello peeps =)

Today, I wanna share something that had touched my heart and the same time being thankful to Allah because of the precious give =)

I have a friend. He is actually an Indian boy. Kami satu kelas waktu Form 3. and before that, kami agak rapat sebab both of us prefect. So, we're quite close. =)
Sepanjang kami kawan, he had showed his interest towards Islam. so, as a friend, kami support dia, and told him about the beautiful of Islam. and Alhamdulillah, he loves to hear it.

Then, lepas Wani tukar sekolah, kami jarang contact and jumpa. adala a few times which means memang sikit sangat. So, dengan adanya facebook, kami jumpa balik and contact macam tu jela. tak rapat sangat macam kat sekolah dulu. till last two days, i saw he was commented on one article post by a Mualaf Group (mualaf = people who just convert to Islam). I'm totally in shocked when he said "Alhamdulillah, semoga kita berada di bawah rahmat Allah"

and i'm started talking to myself " Ya Allah, dia dah Islam ke? seriously ? when ? " so all the questions keep running in my head. then, i send a message to him. and he replied.

him : Alhamdulillah..dh ckup staun msuk islam..nme sya mohd. Hansyahrullah durai b. Abdullah. Ley pnggl ansar..

Ansar.. welcome to Islam.. sebagai kawan, wani doakan Ansar sentiasa di jalan yang benar and Ya Allah, terima kasih kerana Kau telah mengurniakan hidayah terbesar untuk dia. Semoga Allah melindungi dia and tetapkan hatinya untuk selama-lamanya (same goes to me)

so, peeps..
please pray for him..

with lots of love,
najwa =)

Congratulation Abang =)

Assalamualaikum, hello peeps..
and again, i'm repeating my apology because of not updating my blog for a quite some times. in korean, they said "mian dae" =)

btw, this is such an old story as its happened last year in the December. but, i only have time to write about it now. ok, lets us begin. =)

FYI, i have my one and only elder brother, named Hairul Amri. among my siblings, i'm the closest one with him as we had so much time to spend together because i'm only get a sister when i was 5 years old. so, this post is specially made to congrats him for his convocation last month (it's sound nicer than last year =P ) and now, i would like announce that my brother is officially a physiotherapy at Hospital Banting, Selangor. actually, he had been work for a few months there before the big day. so, whatever, as long as he had graduated and have a job, it's fine to me.

during the event, seriously it's tiring =( just in that venue i had stepped almost 6000 steps according to my pedometer. but, it's ended with smile. there is such a nice feeling that cannot be expressed by words. BTW, abang, congratulation. i'm proud of you. 

and here, something i wanna share with you. actually, it touched my feeling and every time i remember it, tears fall from my eyes. hehehe, ignore me k.
me a.k.a adik : abang, adik nak tengok abang pakai topi pulak. 
abang : adik, abang nak kerja dulu, and kumpul duit la. abang nak tengok adik pakai topi dulu k. tunjuk kat abang, adik boleh buat k. * he ended with smile*
me : abang T.T 

enjoy the pictures peeps =)

my family