5 Things :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)

5 things about your love that you, as a girl should know. I got this info from my friend and I would like to share it with you. Enjoy :)

1. Man didn't like to be challenge and they have ego. Remember that! So, if you had challenge him about finding someone else, believe me, he will do it, one day.

2. Man didn't like to be accused. If you argued about him and accusing him that he has someone else while he keep mentioning that he don't do that, PLEASE believe his word. He really meant it.

3. Man is really in love with you, when he didn't mind if you wanna have a look at his phone, checking all the SMS and calls, because he is honestly love you and he didn't have someone else at the back. :)

4. Man actually care and get jealous when he knew that you're close with some other guys. Believe me, even he pretends like, "It's okay, I don't mind." but actually deep inside his heart it sounds like this "Dear, you're making me jealous".

5. Man didn't like his girl hangs out with her boyfriends. Why? Because, girls, they just be herself in front of their friends and.....
Guess what??? Maybe there is someone who gonna fall in love with you because of that. And he didn't want this to be happen. so be careful girl :)

I could only listed out up to five. More?.... InsyaAllah...
Till then... Annyeong :)

with lot of love,
Damya :)

The End Of Mid Semester Exam

Assalamualaikum. hello peeps :)
How's your day and what is your mood today? anyway, i hope that, all of you are in the pink of health. :)

It is 16 of March today, and last two weeks is my mid semester exam and Alhamdulillah, its all done. I take three subjects this semester and one of them is my subjects for degree which are Biology II, Mathematics II and EAW (English for Academic Writing). I've already got my results for Maths and EAW. I'm quite disappointed with my Math's result as I have made such a lot of silly mistakes that cause me to lose about 7 marks. :( Imagine that, and I'd cried after getting that paper, silly me.

However, for the EAW, seriously, I didn't put so much hope on that paper, as I knew I didn't perform well for it. But yesterday, when my lecturer gave me the paper, she said, "Hazwani, good" and I was shocked seeing that 17 out of 20 is written there. Dear Allah, thank you so much :). I got full marks for the Section A and I did some mistakes in the Section b which reduced my marks by 3. But overall, I'm totally satisfied. At the same time, we are required to show her the progressing of our assignment. I got a partner doing this "little thesis" (that what we used to call it) and we are doing on dry skin. and another good news from Madam Nawal when she said, "Good, both of you are in the right track". Its such a relieve and feel like all the burden have go away ~~~~ :)
Now, I just need to focus on the methodology and the discussion.

Biology ?? I still didn't get the paper from my lecturer. but she promise that, we can have it by Monday. Feeling excited ? totally not, instead I feel like getting my final exam result right now, seriously!! Totally nervous and frighten :( but whatever the result is, I accept it with all my heart, because I knew that, I didn't done it well, I take it for granted and I shouldn't regret it because what I got later is showing my effort towards it and Allah never give us more that what we have done.

Now, I will be focusing on my final and settle out everything especially the assignments (both Bio and EAW) and do pray for me peeps. At this moment actually, I'm waiting for my bee :) come back from his training and hoping for a good news from him. Hopefully he manages to get it, but if not, its totally fine dear. What is it about ? wait for the next entry ... So, TTFN

with lots of love,
Damya <3