I never knew that I will fall in love with you. I never thought of it.
I don't even know if this love is right. But heart doesn't lies, right.

No matter how hard I tried to deny it. Its getting stronger and sweeter everyday.
I never felt like this before. To love and to be loved so deeply.

Thanks for coming and I really hope that you will stay. Forever.
I knew its not like an ordinary relationship.
Because both of us are awesome, we will an incredible and extra ordinary journey :)

I really hope that both of us are strong enough to face every challenges that may come.
As long as you are strong, I will stay strong. For us. For our future. Promise.

In every prayer that I made, not even once I forgot to make a du'a for us.
I really hope it will end happily as we ever wanted. I really hope this will end like we dream about.
I shouldn't put so much hope on this, cause I knew I'm the one who will be hurts the most.
But I know, as long as we keep praying and hope for the best thing, Allah will guide us to the right path.
So, never give up. He will done the rest for us.

I never knew the moment I started to fall in love with you. But I knew it grows everyday.
And every time I look at you, I fall in love again and over again. :)

Mr Sheben,
I love you so much.