long journey =)

hello peeps !!! sorry i'm not updating my blog for such a long time.
as i promise before, today i'm gonna tell you a lot of stories. (Y)

starting this holiday, i was so busy with my MUET and my cousin's wedding.
everything starting on the 19th November 2011, which was my MUET paper. so far, i'm quite satisfied with my effort on MUET. pray for my result dear =)

then, right after the exam, i straightly went to Gombak, my uncle's house. Alhamdulillah, my cousin is officially and blissfully married to her husband. Unfortunately, we weren't there during the akad nikah. However, congratulations Kak Farah and Abg Kidin. hope you guys gonna live happily ever after. =)
then, the next day 20th November is the wedding ceremony. We were quite sad because it was raining. But the most important thing is we enjoyed the day so much.

One week after day, we continue the wedding ceremony on the groom side at Terengganu. Seriously, Terengganu is so far away, it took almost 9 hours to arrived there. =( tired...
But i enjoyed the scenery, it's so beautiful (Y)

btw, i have wrote so much here, so now its the time to enjoy the pics. have fun peeps. see ya!!!!

happy couple

i pray for your happiness

they're in love =)

next groom, at the back =P

with my parents, =)
with abg an =)
specky =P (Y)

najwa holili and ayuni holili <3