The Answer

The First :)

Assalamualaikum. Hello peeps. Happy New Year everyone.
Its 2013 now! And we are on the third day of the year. So, how's your day?
Me, done fighting with the anatomy and having a nightmare with that paper. Muahahahaha

Because it is new year and everybody is talking about the new year resolution.
Therefore, let me begin my first post of the year with My 2013 Bucket's Lists 
It is list made by me and a few things that he wanted me to do. Basically, its my past-past year resolutions which I never achieve. *ROFL But somehow or rather, I want it to be done this year. I'm inspired by Yasmin, one of the blogger and here is her url. I wanted to have the jar too. Writing of what happened on each day of the year. Its like a diary but in a different way :D Isn't it awesome? So My Bucket's List are

 Hahaha, don't laugh but that is My 2013 Resolutions. I hope I can keep the promise.

Btw, this new year begins with exams. I repeat EXAMS. So, here its my planner. Only for January :)

So, today was the paper for Anatomy. No Comments :( Right after the exam, I texted my mum and  Miss Muna a.k.a Kak Muna, (I'm used to call her kakak, whenever there are only two of us and during texting, ngeee) I sent " I'm sorry, I didn't done it well ;( " Alhamdulillah, I didn't get any sort of scolding. Muahahaha, but they support me and asked me to focusing on the next papers.

And I'm still struggling with the Kuantan's weather. Again, I'm having fever. My mum said, because of not getting proper medication and not even seek for a doctor, (that's me) my fever is repeating again and again and again and again. Okay, enough again :D But I didn't blame my fever and make it as a reason for me not to study. I think it is more like a spirit for me to continue study even you're sick. And you feel like Allah is really there. Why? Because I can't studied much, in facts I slept a lot. But the knowledge that you gained and everything that you're studied came in the exams. Can you see Allah really help you there?
As Allah said in the Qur'an
"Allah created all things and He is the agent on which all things depend" (39:62)
"Do not worship besides Allah that which cannot help or harm you" (21:66) 
So I believed in Allah's help. That's the real concept of Tawakal :) You read, you study, you answer the questions and the rest, you leave it to Allah :)

A few days back and forward, these little things will become my best friend :D But, I want the blue one to disappear as fast as I wanted. Hahahaha. The below one, I will continue to read till the day I retire :)


Till then.
Assalamualikum :D