Here Comes The Ending :)

Assalamualaikum.. Hello peeps :)
Again, my apology for not updating my blog for quite some times. Sorry :D

Okay, back to the topic, Here Comes The Ending :)
Its has been two years I spent my life here in CFS IIUM. and by the time I'm writing this post, just two weeks left before I'm officially done with this foundation. I'm gonna have an examination this Wednesday follow by another two examinations on the other week. Pray for me, peeps :D

This semester is quite challenging for me, but it's not the toughest as I faced in Semester II, in my junior year. Learning how to prepare a research paper was really interesting and seriously I learned a lot this semester. Having female lecturers for the three subjects really made me feels like a home. Yes, we are far from our home, but with them, we feel like home to us. They share their love with us and they are so motherly.
*I miss my mummy, rite now :(
Thanks for being the best lecturers I ever had. Thanks for the knowledge you delivered to me and thanks for guiding me to become a better muslimah. Dear, Madam Zahala, Madam Sa'yah and Madam Nawal, I love three of you so much. :D Glad to be your student.

To my dearest classmates, this is my first time separating with my gang *I have a gang here, who cares? hahaha. But thanks for being such a great classmates, being there whenever I needed, and sorry for being loud!! You know how loud I am rite? Thanks for making this final semester the meaningful one. I love you guys so much. To Jamilah and Assyila, I'm so sorry because I like hitting both of you. Soorryyy :) Same goes to the rest of my classmates, I'm sorry if I had done something that may hurt your feeling. I'm not perfect but I'm tried to be perfect. :D Good Luck Guys for your final and all the best for whatever you do in your life. I'll always pray for all of you. InsyaAllah :)

Enjoy some pics peeps :) *click to enlarge