ada ketika saat dan waktu
ingin berhenti daripada meneruskan perjalanan
tiada guna berhenti di persimpangan

teruskanlah melangkah,
walau seberat mana langkah
seberat mana memikul
seberat mana bebanan

sekali sekala,
toleh la kebelakang
mengimbau kembali
ketabahan diri sendiri
melihat kembali
rapuhnya kamu yang dahulu,

perjalanan masih jauh
Moga Allah pinjamkan kekuatan.

the second ending

Its been a long pause from my previous post.

The end of the second year is just around the corner. The first exam will take place on this Wednesday. Then, there will be a lot of papers to be face.

This semester is the toughest semester I ever have. The stress, the challenges, the curriculum, the workloads and everything about this semester really test me. There is one time where I thought of giving up. Yes, seriously, I'm giving up.

I was trying my best to be the survivor. But I knew it wasn't easy. Because if it is easy, everybody can do it. Two weeks before the final, the body wasn't well. Bruises appeared here and there without any reasons. The body is getting weaker and weaker. Can the body hold on for a moment ?

Then, a small accident occurred. Worsening the conditions. But Allah choose me cause He knew I can face it. I'm strong enough maybe or I'm so naughty so that Allah give me a chance to behave :)

The classes wasn't finished yet. There will be some lectures during the study week. Physiotherapy is getting harder and harder. There are a lot to be learn and to be remember and its totally will be more difficult.

But you don't choose your destiny because sometimes the destiny choose you.

Pray for us. Hope we will be doing fine.
Amin :)