Hello peeps :)
Sorry for not updating this blog for long time :)
There is a lot of stories to be tell but, I'm running out of time.
My promise, during this mid semester break, I'll let you know.

I'm here as a first batch of physiotherapy in IIUM. And of course there is a lot of challenges that I will be facing. FYI, the mid semester exam has begun. The first paper was a disaster for me. The same feeling as I sat for my mid-sem exam Biology 2. End up, crying right after the paper. I'm promise that I will not take for granted after what happened, but still I'm done it. I will not procrastinate this semester and I really hope that I'll keep this promise.

At the same time, my brother is having his problem. He called me on Sunday and told me everything. I was shocked and I don't know what to say. I'm too young to give him advise but he depends on me. For me, whatever decision he made, I'll always support him. I'm his sister and forever he is my only brother. This weekend gonna be fun with him and my boyfriend will be together but at the same time, we are afraid about what will happen this weekend. I really can't tell you the problem right now. But when I'm ready to tell everything, I'll let you guys know.

I'm looking forward for this holiday. With my family, with him and my lovely Amni Qashrina. : )
And I learned something..
" Don't let your love one be so patient to you, because one day he might become so mean to you. Try to change especially for the good sake. Not only for him, for yourself and your relationship. Let he has his own life till the moment you are really belong to him. If you love him, make him happy.