He's A Muslim Now. Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum. Hello peeps =)

Today, I wanna share something that had touched my heart and the same time being thankful to Allah because of the precious give =)

I have a friend. He is actually an Indian boy. Kami satu kelas waktu Form 3. and before that, kami agak rapat sebab both of us prefect. So, we're quite close. =)
Sepanjang kami kawan, he had showed his interest towards Islam. so, as a friend, kami support dia, and told him about the beautiful of Islam. and Alhamdulillah, he loves to hear it.

Then, lepas Wani tukar sekolah, kami jarang contact and jumpa. adala a few times which means memang sikit sangat. So, dengan adanya facebook, kami jumpa balik and contact macam tu jela. tak rapat sangat macam kat sekolah dulu. till last two days, i saw he was commented on one article post by a Mualaf Group (mualaf = people who just convert to Islam). I'm totally in shocked when he said "Alhamdulillah, semoga kita berada di bawah rahmat Allah"

and i'm started talking to myself " Ya Allah, dia dah Islam ke? seriously ? when ? " so all the questions keep running in my head. then, i send a message to him. and he replied.

him : Alhamdulillah..dh ckup staun msuk islam..nme sya mohd. Hansyahrullah durai b. Abdullah. Ley pnggl ansar..

Ansar.. welcome to Islam.. sebagai kawan, wani doakan Ansar sentiasa di jalan yang benar and Ya Allah, terima kasih kerana Kau telah mengurniakan hidayah terbesar untuk dia. Semoga Allah melindungi dia and tetapkan hatinya untuk selama-lamanya (same goes to me)

so, peeps..
please pray for him..

with lots of love,
najwa =)

Congratulation Abang =)

Assalamualaikum, hello peeps..
and again, i'm repeating my apology because of not updating my blog for a quite some times. in korean, they said "mian dae" =)

btw, this is such an old story as its happened last year in the December. but, i only have time to write about it now. ok, lets us begin. =)

FYI, i have my one and only elder brother, named Hairul Amri. among my siblings, i'm the closest one with him as we had so much time to spend together because i'm only get a sister when i was 5 years old. so, this post is specially made to congrats him for his convocation last month (it's sound nicer than last year =P ) and now, i would like announce that my brother is officially a physiotherapy at Hospital Banting, Selangor. actually, he had been work for a few months there before the big day. so, whatever, as long as he had graduated and have a job, it's fine to me.

during the event, seriously it's tiring =( just in that venue i had stepped almost 6000 steps according to my pedometer. but, it's ended with smile. there is such a nice feeling that cannot be expressed by words. BTW, abang, congratulation. i'm proud of you. 

and here, something i wanna share with you. actually, it touched my feeling and every time i remember it, tears fall from my eyes. hehehe, ignore me k.
me a.k.a adik : abang, adik nak tengok abang pakai topi pulak. 
abang : adik, abang nak kerja dulu, and kumpul duit la. abang nak tengok adik pakai topi dulu k. tunjuk kat abang, adik boleh buat k. * he ended with smile*
me : abang T.T 

enjoy the pictures peeps =)

my family